April 2021 – the tool presentation month

The month of April 2021 will be used by the partners for presenting the four groups of tools, selected for inclusion in the Golden Ratio Teaching toolbox before teachers from their countries. The idea of these presentations would be not only to make the tools more popular and well known among the teachers, but also to organize the working groups, which are about to work on the finalization of those tools and propose lessons/units for translation into the GRT language. 

Some of the partners have selected zoom meetings, others, who have the opportunity, will meet their teachers face to face. 

The groups of identified tools are envisaged as follows:

Group of tools “Stories to remember”, which includes “Story-telling”, “Role play”, “Historical figures in the classroom” and “Famous paintings in the classroom”
Group of tools “Draw your mind”, which includes “Visual facilitation” and “Mind maps”
Group of tools “Music in the air”, which includes “Music forms”, “Use of voice” and “Music masterpieces in the classroom”
Group of tools “Flip the future”, which includes “Future classroom” and “Flipped classroom”

Depending on teachers’ interests and students’ needs, the involved teachers will join a group of their choice and contribute to the finalization of the tools and to their testing. 

Fore more information on the national sharing events, please, contact your national partner.