A GRT training for teachers from partner 39 Secondary school “Petar Dinekov”

It would be a pity if we didn’t share a bit more about the teacher-training, which was organized at our partner school 39. СУ “Петър Динеков” in Sofia last week. On 8 and 9 February 2022 a passionate group of teachers progressed through different creative activities, involving story telling, role-playing, doing exercises for preserving our voices and getting them ready to perform at their best, drawing simple images as an additional visual language, supporting our words and our thoughts, using music in the classroom for conveying educational content. At the end we had a session for discussing and sharing ideas for enrichment of lesson plans in order for the latter to become even more appealing and engaging for the students.
A huge thank you to Ina Petkova, Konstantin Kuchev and Svetla Todorova for doing their magic and another huge thank you to the participating teachers, who devoted their time, attention and love for what our GRT has to offer.