Training programme available and meeting in Florence pending

The training programme with all its elements has been uploaded on the web-site, here:

A final project meeting is planned for the 7-8 April 2022 in Florence, Italy. The topics to be discussed are as follows:

1. A review of the GRT implementation process in all partner countries – presentations including details about partners’ contributions as far as the training programme content is concerned, number of schools involved, number of adapted lessons, number of tests carried out, feedback from students and teachers, difficulties encountered (these presentations will be of great help for the final report)
2. Dissemination of the project – sharing good practices between the partners (each partner shares a presentation of one or two dissemination events, which are considered of greatest value for the project)
3. Checking the requirements for financial reporting and what needs to be prepared and presented by the partners in relation to the different budget lines at the stage of final reporting.
4. Work on sustainability – continuation direction based on the feedback from teachers and students; possible changes – tools included, ages included, scientific subjects covered, training courses organized, other countries involved (is there such interest expressed so far), possibilities under Key action 1 – ERASMUS ACCREDITATION IN THE FIELDS OF VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING, SCHOOL EDUCATION
AND ADULT EDUCATION (deadline 19 October 2022)
5. Visit to the Pier Cironi partner school 
6. Evaluation of the meeting and the project progress, organized by Pixel