GATE – recognizing and teaching students who are talented

“Teachers Training Programme to Support Gifted and Talented Students” (GATE) is an international project, financed under the Erasmus+ programme. GATE aims to enhance the competencies and skills of primary education teachers and mentors to help gifted and talented pupils (age 8 to 11) to develop their full potential. Download the EN version of the brochure here and expect news on the training programme in support of teachers, working with talented and gifted children, which is in preparation.

Gifted and talented students are often considered misbehaving and underachieving. They seldom stand out as efficient performers with explicit talents. Recognizing them and making their progress possible are not simple tasks. Numerous exclusive factors make their path towards recognition and thriving tough and sometimes impossible. Just like Golden Ratio, GATE wants to ensure that these students are included in the classroom and supported for manifestation of their full potential. 

Erasmus+ program: KA220 – Cooperation partnerships in school education

Target groups: Primary education teachers, mentors, gifted and talented pupils

Stakeholders: Public authorities, education experts, researchers, school staff.