The DigiFinEdu project is calling for associated partners in Bulgaria

Promotion of FINancial Literacy in primary and secondary EDUcation through gamification and DIGItal storytelling (DigiFinEdu) project is calling for associated partners to join the activities

Project period: 01.02.2022 – 31.01.2024

Erasmus+ program: KA220 – Cooperation partnerships in school education

Target groups: Primary and early secondary education teachers, students, parents

Stakeholders: Public authorities, education experts, researchers, school staff

Aim and objectives: DigiFinEdu mainly aims to increase primary and lower secondary education pupils’ (9-12 y.o.) FinLit in order to help them become financially resilient adults. To reach this general objective, the project will also aim to the attainment of the following 4 specific objectives:

  • To promote the implementation of FinLit in primary and lower secondary education;
  • To improve parents’ and teachers’ competencies in the teaching of FinLit;
  • To increase the inclusion of parents in their children’s education process;
  • To raise awareness on FinLit education policies and strategies on a national and international scale.

Results: DigiFinEdu foresees the realization of three main Results (R):

– R1: DigiFinEdu Methodological Material. This result will consist of an eBook providing a thorough account of the current context on FinLit education at national and transnational level and an innovative FinLit teaching practice for teachers and parents.

– R2: DigiFinEdu Didactical Material and Testing. R2 will include at least 10 modules with lesson plans, material and instructions for teachers, parents and students. The goal is to provide ready-made teaching material that can be implemented immediately into school and at home. This result will also be tested throughout project period.

– R3: DigiFinEdu Visual Novel. R3 will be dedicated to the creation of an educational videogame on FinLit, combining digital storytelling and gamification methodologies. The game will be developed as a “Visual Novel” with decision making and interactive elements.

Project partners:

  1. Raseiniai Saltinis Progymnasium (Lithuania)
  2. VsI “eMundus” (Lithuania)
  3. Foundation for the Development of the Cultural BPOCS (Bulgaria)
  4. AKOE (Spain)
  5. CREF (Portugal)
  6. Youth Initiative Center (the Netherlands)

If interested, please contact the coordinator from CuBuFoundation – Zornitsa Staneva –

The project brochure can be downloaded in EN and BG