Project activities

The project foresees to start with the identification and involvement of schools and teachers – a minimum of 5 schools from each country with a minimum of 2 teachers per school.

One of the tasks of the project partners will be to collaborate on the preparation of a short “What type of learner” questionnaire, the results of which will show whether the targeted students have a are rather visual, tactile, auditory or writing/reading or mixed learning styles. This test will be distributed among all the students involved, at the beginning of the project. The aim is that the teachers will have a better understanding of their class and hence will become aware of the importance of using a variety of methods in order to achieve the best results with their designated audience.

A key activity is the development of the Golden Ratio Teaching (GRT) toolbox, freely available for use by interested parties, including all tested methods and approaches. The toolbox will include both written description of the methods and their implementation, as well as video guides with instructions. This will be the manner in which the required materials and approaches themselves will be provided to the teachers as well.

Another vital activity that will lead to the achievement of the project objectives and planned results is the short-term staff joint training event, which is the learning/teaching activity envisaged in the project.

The process of continuous testing of proposed teaching methods – not only after the short-term joint staff training event but also before and after it, will ensure that the impact on the end beneficiaries of the project – students – is also achieved, with sustainability and long-term knowledge attainment in mind.