Project results

The GRT project will produce several additional specific outputs, along with the intellectual output, multiplier events and learning/training activities planned that are key to the successful implementation of objectives set. The main outputs are:

1. The GRT toolbox containing all identified and tested teaching methods, accompanied by a guide on how those should be elaborated and a template for presenting each specific method. Each tool in the toolbox will be accompanied by numerous videos, igniting inspiration and explaining in details how the tool should be used.

2. “What type of learner” questionnaire, accompanied by a guide on how the instrument can be used with the students.

3. A key competence self-assessment questionnaire for students.

4. Filming (videos) from the training event (C1) as well as from the running testing sessions with the involved classes.

5. A list of practices, tested within the project, that were not evaluated as best practices, but ones that can still have a positive impact on selected groups.

6. Project website to promote project implementation and its results.

7. YouTube channel of the project with recorded teaching sessions and with all videos, supporting the GRT programme.

8. Posters, brochures (in Bulgarian language, in Romanian language, in Greek language, in English language, in Italian language, in Portuguese language), calendars and other promotional items.

9. Internal project documents, such as: Communication and dissemination strategy; Quality plan; Internal progress reports; Interim project report; Final project report; Evaluation Report.